making a 1 world Super Mario game for fun

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making a 1 world Super Mario game for fun

Postby mario » Tue Jan 19, 2010 8:09 pm

Hey first of all I want to thank you Sophie for making this awesome Flash game engine (EDWARD) and putting it out there.

I've been making a 1 world Super Mario game for fun, you can check it out here:

(if the game keeps loading, right click on it and select "play" from the pop-up menu)

What is missing is some instructions, so here they are for now, I'll have to put them somewhere at the start of the game or an intro:

-The point of the game is to get to king goomba up in the clouds and squash him

-Find Toads troughout the level, they will be pointing the way for you towards king goomba and they're check points as well (you have to touch them to make the check points work)

-If you want an extra challenge, try and collect all 7 stars on the way (unfortunatly they don't give you super powers or anything like that...)

Again, many thanks to Sophie Houlden for the game engine. I'm more interested in making levels, graphics and animation so this was really helpful. Plus I love the Mario games and always wanted to make my own levels.


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Re: making a 1 world Super Mario game for fun

Postby Fliberdigibit » Wed Jan 20, 2010 12:34 pm

that's pretty fun! I like the way you integrated the mario backgrounds with your style for the characters. The puzzles were challenging but not unfair. It's goin to be a great game made with sophies engine.


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