Making a game with Edward? make a Work In Progress thread here to show it off, and maybe even get some of that feedback thing! (forum is now locked)


Postby armyboy » Tue Mar 23, 2010 1:36 am

HI! first of all Thanks for the engine and the forum to share questions, works and news about this great engine and about the great games o "Girlflash"

i will like to share with all you, my first attempt o the Edward Engine, i have been experimenting wit the animation boxes, moving fryers, learned how to make good "video game texture tiles" in flash, and enjoyed the dream of work on a game

anyway here is the link of the first try, it still doesnt have too much depth , but i was focusing on the potential of the tools and the design of the textures.

hope to know some of your opinions and get a little feedback n__n

Sory for the bad english i don write/speake it very well but i try.

The game name is ScaperBell its about a girl, named bell escaping from an evil organization with choppers and war helicopters in the first stage

thanks again
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